Twitter is getting serious about its advertising platform and is looking for every possible way to increase its monetization, with segmentation being important when trying to narrow down a campaign’s audience.


They always look for ways to improve their precise targeting capabilities to help drive deep engagement and better performance for brands. Just in time for World Emoji Day last July 17, as they announced the availability of emoji keyword targeting for Twitter Ads!


After Ad Groups and the multiple options of targeting based on location, language, or even the keyword, it is now moving to emojis, introducing the so-called ‘emoji keyword targeting’.


Emojis have become a new global form of online communication and people love adding them in their social interactions to enhance their tweets. According to Twitter, more than 110 billion emojis have been tweeted since 2014, a number which explains why advertisers love the idea of targeting them for their campaigns.


The New Keywords


Twitter wants to make emojis the new keyword.

 This targeting approach follows the natural progression of 21st-century communication, where traditional words and alphabet script alone are no longer keeping up with the fast-paced, image-centric demands of modern expression.


Those smiles, thumbs ups, foods and drinks icons could soon be used to trigger ads across the social media network.


With emoji targeting, Domino’s and Canadian Pizza Unlimited can target people who use the pizza emoji. Or Starbucks can now target people who use the coffee emoji. Brands can also strike a somber tone with anyone that uses the crying face. (Kleenex, anyone?)



“According to the Oxford Dictionary, the 2015 word of the year was none other than … an emoji,” Twitter Ads API Product Manager Neil Shah wrote in a blog post.


“Emojis have become a ubiquitous way for people, publishers, and brands to express their feelings. And, over 110 billion emojis have been Tweeted since 2014.”

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